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Inventory Status: Batch #1001-B

 Batch #1001-B Primary Model SBP0001
Destination Utah Warehouse
Original ETA at Warehouse October 25 - 30
Arrived at Warehouse December 24
Status Shipping Backlog of Shopify Orders


NOTE:  Orders will be fulfilled according to the following priority:

  1. Kickstarter Backers
  2. Indiegogo Backers
  3. Shopify Preorders
  4. Shopify standard orders



There is a small number of Kickstarter and Indiegogo orders that required special handling or had address exceptions.  We believe that all those orders are resolved and should be leaving the warehouse soon.


Special Handling and Address Validation errors have been completed.  Working on the backlog of Shopify orders.


A few hundred order have required special handling.  We have halted Shopify order shipping until we complete those delayed Kickstarter and Indiegogo orders.  Most of those orders were shipped yesterday.


The warehouse is finishing up a handful of special case Kickstarter and Indiegogo orders and has begun processing Shopify orders.


The warehouse cranked out the Kickstarter orders over the weekend and is starting on the Indiegogo orders today.


The container arrived today and the warehouse crew went into overdrive.  They implemented a special protocol in which they don't move the inventory into the warehouse.  They are moving the inventory directly from the receiving side of the dock to the fulfillment side of the dock and they are going to process as many orders as they can before they knock off for Christmas break.  UPS will not be picking up today, but the first set of orders will be ready to load onto the truck first thing Monday.


The containers were "no-show" yesterday.  We are hunting them down.

A new appointment has been arranged to delivery the container to the warehouse tomorrow.


The Carrier made an appointment to deliver the container to the warehouse this afternoon.


Exploring all options to retrieve inventory from terminal.


Freight delays continue to plague our shipment.  The warehouse is still standing by to receive the container.


Container was taken off the train at the terminal in SLC.  Awaiting word on delivery to the warehouse.  (NOTE: it can take up to 72 hours to process from container to fulfillment at the warehouse.)


Container left Oakland over the weekend.  Currently in Sparks, NV.


Headline news regarding ongoing gridlock at West Coast ports confirms what our shipping agent has been telling us.  In spite of their efforts, it is almost impossible to retrieve containers from the terminal under the current conditions.


Communication forwarded by the shipping agent:

Thank you for taking time to speak with me. As mentioned we are facing the chassis issue that is causing delays in getting the subject container moved to the rail. In addition due to high volumes still arriving on terminal units end up being buried so truckers are further delayed moving containers off dock to be loaded to the rail for departure. In speaking with our rail team they are working closely with the terminal to get the trucker an appointment to move the container off dock for loading on the UP. We apologize for not getting back to you sooner on this.


Day 23 at the port.  Shipping agent pushing for news and movement.  No estimated departure time available.


Shipper continues to push for movement.  Shipping agent calls the current grid-lock "unprecedented"; unable to give a specific ETA.


Shipper indicates that they are working daily to get movement of the shipment.  It has a "mate" and is ready to be loaded on a train.


Confirmation that shipment has cleared customs.


Unloaded from the ship.