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Inventory Status: Batch #1001-C

 Batch #1001-C All Models except SBP0001
Destination Utah Warehouse
Original ETA at Warehouse November 10 - 15
Arrived at Warehouse December 24
Current Status Fulfilling backlog of Shopify Orders




Special Handling and Address Validation errors have been completed.  Working on the backlog of Shopify orders.


A few hundred order have required special handling.  We have halted Shopify order shipping until we complete those delayed Kickstarter and Indiegogo orders.  Most of those orders were shipped yesterday.


The warehouse is finishing some special-case Kickstarter and Indiegogo orders and has started satisfying Shopify orders.


The warehouse cranked out the Kickstarter orders over the weekend and is starting on the Indiegogo orders today.


The container arrived today and the warehouse crew went into overdrive.  They implemented a special protocol in which they don't move the inventory into the warehouse.  They are moving the inventory directly from the receiving side of the dock to the fulfillment side of the dock and they are going to process as many orders as they can before they knock off for Christmas break.  UPS will not be picking up today, but the first set of orders will be ready to load onto the truck first thing Monday.


The containers were "no-show" yesterday.  We are hunting them down.

A new appointment has been arranged to delivery the container to the warehouse tomorrow.


The Carrier made an appointment to deliver the container to the warehouse this afternoon.


The container is on the ground in SLC.  The warehouse is standing by to receive the container, but no receiving appointment has yet been made.


The carrier updated the ETA again this morning.  (NOTE:  scheduling for unloading at the warehouse is uncertain at this late notice and during their busiest week of the year.  Under normal circumstances they turn around product from container to fulfillment in 72 hours.)


The carrier reported that the train left the terminal yesterday (7 days earlier than previously estimated), and updated the ETA at the warehouse.


Carrier reports that the container was loaded on a train over the weekend.  This was about one week later than the last estimate.  Train is not scheduled to depart until the 21st.


Headline news regarding ongoing gridlock at Long Beach confirms what our shipping agent has been telling us.  In spite of their efforts, it is almost impossible to retrieve containers from the terminal under the current conditions.

Official ETA has not changed, but we are not confident that it will be met.


Shipping agent reports "Unprecedented" gridlock at the port; has provided a new ETA at the warehouse.  Expected rail departure from the port: 13-December.


Inventory unloaded from ship.


Shipping agent reports that the inventory has cleared customs.


Arrival at berthing destination.


Arrival at port.


Arrival at port delayed while still at sea.