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Inventory Status: Batch #1001-D

 Batch #1001-D All Models 
Destination UK Warehouse
Original ETA at Warehouse November 25
Arrived at Warehouse

January 12


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NOTE:  The travel bags have been unloaded from the ship, but are still in the shared container.




Every courier is experiencing serious challenges with export/import from the UK.  We continue to work against the backlog, but the situations changes daily and is making the process slow.


We have started shipping international orders, but we are hearing that those orders are coming with very large import charges to the receiver.  We are engaging with other couriers and experimenting for the best experience.  We are paying extra to minimize the impact to the recipient.  However, the situation is changing daily.


The first batch of orders shipped today.


Receiving and order queuing have taken longer than expected (including a software integration glitch).  The UK warehouse now has the orders properly queued and the inventory has been received and processed.  The orders are now staged for fulfillment.


Inventory arrived at warehouse.  It will take a couple days for processing and preparation to begin fulfilling orders.  We are working on the best strategies to cope with the impact of Brexit on customs charges.


Warehouse delivery appointment on January 11th.


Awaiting word on a delivery appointment to the warehouse.


Shipment has been unloaded from the ship and has cleared customs.


Making port in Antwerpen tomorrow.


Ship is making a port call in Bremerhaven today.


Underway, off the coast of Portugal.

Although the estimated delivery at the warehouse has not officially changed.  Headline news regarding ongoing congestion at the port suggests that it may take several days, if not weeks, to make it through the terminal at Felixstowe.


Docked at port in Morrocco.


Approaching scheduled Port of call in Morocco tonight.


Passing Italy.


Passing through Suez Canal.  Next port of call: Morocco.


Ongoing concerns raised regarding congestion at Felixstowe.